2017 New Years Resolutions

Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I got into resolutions but I LOVE THEM!  I feel like after New Years is one of the saddest times of the year.  There has been months of parties and cheer and then, nothing.  It kills me every year and I think resolutions help me stay focused and positive going into the new year.  One of my friends said that if you write down a goal you are 30% more likely to follow through with it and achieve success.  That sounds good to me.  It could be less, it could be more, but 30% will work for me too.  I’m also a special education teacher so writing goals is kind of my thing.

I like to have some that are easy and other that are hard so even when I am struggling with a few goals, I’m still doing really well with others.

Anyway, I know the suspense is killing you.

Resolutions for 2017:

  1. Stop and hug and kiss my husband
  2. Tushar marathon
  3. Stick to the budget
  4. Save $50 a month for a trip to Bora Bora
  5. Phone off 5-7
  6. 2 Sodas a week
  7. House: simple. clean. uncluttered.
  8. Put it away – stay organized
  9. Put some effort in: concealer, blush, mascara
  10. Attempt mountaineering
  11. Look a little more put together
  12. Pack good lunches
  13. Meet new people
  14. Do you want that cookie? Have some yummy water first.

Big list you say?  Well come on now, why just have three goals for 365 days, I mean dream big people.

So here is my reasoning:

  1. I know, hug and kiss your husband.  My initial thought when writing this was that I was totally lame and not a good wife.  But life is just so busy.  I don’t stop to enjoy the small things because I am packing lunches (a surprisingly annoying thing to do) or doing the laundry, cleaning the house, working full time, and wrangling 2 kids.  I wanted to stop and focus on something else I love but had been ignoring, not on purpose, but because life got in the way.
  2. Tushar Marathon.  Last year I completed 2 ultras.  The Bryce Canyon 50K and Dead Horse Point 50K and in a way it kind of changed my life.  I know silly.  But the ability to push through something that hard was shocking and inspiring.  I was actually inspiring myself.  The Tushar race looked amazing, and I wanted the opportunity to get out there and see such a beautiful place.  However, this is one goal I am not going to be able to complete.  My husband and I have taken on the monumental task of building our dream home, from the ground up, and there is no way I can get in the time to prep, so I will have to wait for another year.  Instead I have joined the Wasatch Trail Race Series on Wednesday nights and have loved just being active and doing what I love and meeting new people, which is kind of why I love to race, so it works out.
  3. Stick to the budget.  Ahh.  I hate this one but it has allowed us to do a lot of wonderful things, including building our dream home so I guess not being crazy at the grocery store has paid off…but sometimes those delicious $2 yogurts get me.  I’m a sucker.
  4. Save $50 a month for Bora Bora. I know at that rate I won’t be able to go for another 10 years, minimum.  But its baby steps and all that I can manage at this time.  So its gotta work.
  5. Phone off from 5 until the kid’s bedtime.  This one is hard.  I can’t do it unless I put my phone in another room.  How lame is that?  But there are just so many things to look at mindlessly.  But they really aren’t that important in the long run and I don’t want my kids to describe me as a mom who is constantly on the phone.  So those hours are just for them.  This resolution I have not been good at lately but I am renewing my dedication to it, because it is good for me and good for my family.
  6. 2 Sodas a week.  Okay this one is an all out fail and I have lots of great excuses for it. The list is: Life is just so busy, to keep up I need a Coke.  Raising kids is hard, to keep up I need a Coke.  Working full time is crazy, to keep up I need a Coke.  Building a dream home is insane, to keep up I need a Coke.  Sticking to a budget when I would rather buy clothes and other immediate happiness items is frustrating, to calm myself I drink an immediate happiness beverage, a Coke. The list goes on my friends.  I know soda isn’t good for you but one vise, or 5 isn’t going to kill me, and even if it does…I don’t know how to end that.  I don’t want to die, but sometimes I think I will if I don’t get a Coke!

Too much explaining is a bad thing.  I’ll just keep my head down and stay focused and do the best I can.


Coming your way.


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