Maximum Joy

I  found this little gem at the beginning of the year and keep a copy at work and at home to help keep me focused and smiling.  I think I would make only one modification to it.  Number one is stop doing shit you hate and seven is be freaking brave.  I’m busy, so I don’t have time to be brave all the time, I mean it can be really time consuming and mentally and physically draining.

When I have free time I need it to be Maximum Joy!

Lot’s of my lady friends are great mountain bikers and my husband and now son are getting in on the action.  I tried to like it but its just out of my comfort zone.  Two of my lady friends said that they cried every time that they went out for the first year!  Granted they were in much different parts of life then we are now.  Like no kids, crazy job, or the nine million other things.  What can I say, I’m a late bloomer and am just now getting around to an adventurous side.  But anyway, I don’t have time for crying during my precious free time.  Maximum Joy, and that is it.  I grab my running shoes and head for the mountains.

So I would say… be brave but do what you love!

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