You got this! (that’s what the checker at Smiths said, so it must be true)

So Monday, May 1st is a good day.

May: month of triumph is not a myth, I’m making it a reality!  In the mail today I got a shirt that has “not today satan” written in large letters on the front.  One of my many new inner mantras.

I had a great run and therapy session on Sunday with a good friend.  I love running on the trails alone but its amazing what others can add and what clairity they can bring and sometimes that clairity is just talking and laughing with a friend so you feel human again and that someone has your back.

So, I have been thinking about doing a crazy diet off and on for awhile now and finally moved to the next step and talked to a dietitean.  I was hoping that speaking to her would be all I needed to do to get things in order and change my life.  Right, that sounds easy.

Backstory: I have had epilepsy for a long time, more then half my life now.  That’s crazy to say out loud (in a cyber universe).  Anyway, I found a crazy diet called the Modified Atkins Diet (MAD) that could potentally take me off my meds.  Which is a big deal to me.  I met with a dietitian to go over the ins and outs of what it meant and she said there is a note here about you doing marathons, tell me more about that.  I told her that I like to run far and she said that she didn’t think that would be sustainable on the MAD diet.  And I was like….

Well for some reason when she said that I kinda freaked out.  Not run ultras?  What?  That’s the only time I have to myself.  How will I make it as a Mom and NOT do that?  I have lofty ultra goals and now what?  But then haven’t I wanted to be med free forever?

So then I had to spend several days all up in my head trying to figure out who I am.

Well, problem not solved.  Not sure yet, but I’m sure its coming…I’m right on the verge of a major breakthrough.  Whatever, one step at a time.

Today was a good day and its going to be a great May.

Me 1.  Satan 0.


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