Dear Summer,



Tomorrow is the last day of school.  I made it.

This has been a hard year, but I made it through and am not looking too much worse for the wear, or at least people are nice enough to not say anything.  Anyway, I am looking forward to many days of your sunshine and day drinks.  A week or so ago it had been raining and the sun came out and like a kid I looked up at the sky and smiled as it warmed me all over and I felt refreshed and excited for what lay ahead.

This summer I would like to do the following (in no particular order except for number 1).

  1. Turn off my alarm
  2. Wear flip flops more
  3. Drink on porches
  4. Lay down in the grass and stretch out
  5. Get sand in between my toes
  6. Run on the sand, mountains, and any other non road surface
  7. Play in the water
  8. Day drink with little umbrella’s in each glass
  9. Hang out with my family
  10. Enjoy being a mom, that is not bound by a crazy schedule
  11. Help build our cabin
  12. Just be

My many many wishes for everyone this summer include relaxing and enjoying the extra hours of daylight.  Sit outside more, but don’t forget the sunblock.  Eat lots of Popsicle and develop deep flip flop tans.  Please close your eyes and day dream just a little bit more and get outside and get dirty running on some trails.

I lift my drink to you my friend.  Enjoy!

My Life in Pictures


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