Monthly Goals: September

Well August was literally a kick ass month, in terms of goals.  I mean there were a few hiccups but they were not goal related.  I feel really good about myself.  I set some goals and worked to make them happen.

That’s all you have to do.


Lets be our own heroes, who make goals, keep goals, and become that much more awesome each day.  We are all role models.  Make it count.

September goals:

  1. Rest your body for the long runs (they are the best anyway)
  2. Drink more water
  3. Follow recipes, not a dash of this and that (it doesn’t taste good)
  4. Wear earrings (yes this is a goal – dress it up!)
  5. Continue all my August goals

September is knocking and its time to think up some good goals.

My dad always says, “Elizabeth, life is a marathon, not a sprint.”  I interpret this to mean, just make one or two goals, that won’t break you but will help make you a better version of yourself, one day at a time.

Come on people lets do this together!  What are your goals?


August Monthly Goals: Check

So..who knew that writing down monthly goals and sharing them with total strangers would help me be honest, motivate, and keep moving forward (in what looks like a straight line I might add).  Well I didn’t, but now I do.

My August Goals were:

  1. Take Eddie’s head lamp, get up, drive to a trail, and run 1 day a week
  2. Get up early, sit on the porch, and drink coffee
  3. Pick a day, push snooze
  4. Put my phone down
  5. Find a few meals to take to work for lunch
  6. and relax and enjoy ever last minute of summer time fun!


So in the spirit of honesty, I didn’t really do number one, but that was because I worked really hard to find other time to hit up the trails, when I could see them.

Number 2, check.  I love that one.

Number 3, check.  Not as productive but a day to skip things and feel good about it.

Number 4, hmmmm.  50% on this one, its just so easy to waist time on when you are tired.  It will be continued into next month.

Number 5 and 6, crushing it!

I have also been an over achiever and I know that not every month will be like this, hell, it may never be like this again!

  1. I have been stretching!
  2. Taking a break from running to let me body heal.  I hate this but its gotta happen.
  3. Taking action toward my dream by volunteering for the Wasatch 100.

Who am I?

A woman of actions, that who.  September be warned, I’ve got my eye on you.




Pay it forward

Do you remember that movie?  You know about the kid who did all these great things and just said pay it forward and it sparked the best in people?

Well here is my story.

The other day I found $200 at the supermarket.  I told management and they took my number but no one has called.  I was in the same store and checked in just to make sure and still no one had inquired.

I felt totally conflicted.  Literally envisioning an angel on one side oh my head and a devil on the other.  I wanted to spend it all on me and new clothes, and getting my eye brows waxed, you know how it is.

But that didn’t seem fair.  So I decided to give some of it away.  And since then, I have been handing out $20 to all the people I pass that are asking for help.

The first time I did it, I was a bit nervous.  I had to get out of the car to get to her.  She was probably about my age but homeless, hungry, and had cancer.  I started walking over to her and she looked at what I was giving her and she burst into tears.  Asked to hug me and said thank you a dozen times.  I told her to be safe and try and take care of herself.

That was worth it.  She was worth it.  Eyebrows just don’t compare to a person being able to eat or bath or sleep safely.

The next was a pregnant mom with 2 kids.  It was so hard to see.  My son was in the car and asked why I gave her money?  Why does she need it?  Where is her car?  I explained the best I could.  People fall on hard times and everyone needs a little help and today we are in a position to help.  He then had a million more questions….sometimes teachable moments are hard.

But worth it.

Pay it forward, big or small.

Dear Summer, You are the best. Forever yours, E

August 21 is officially the end of my summer because it is the first day of school.  And while it is sad, I’ll be okay in a couple of days because I love teaching and I’ll settle into my new school year groove.
This summer was amazing as I have said before.  A month long trip, beaches, Disney, mountains, running, snow cones, camps, happy kids, cabin, and amazing friends donating a ton of time to building our cabin.  

Its been hard to with annoying foot pain, sudden knee pain after summiting a stupid moutain, endlessly working on the cabin, having everett at work while I’m trying to work, blah, blah, blah the normal 

P.S. I’m crushing my August goals.

Pics to remember!