Victory Lap Wednesday

Oh I need you this week!  The more support the better.

The past few weeks have been hard.  I know its been a few because I missed last week’s post due to Thanksgiving and the fact that at our new place the internet reception is pretty sketch.

Anyway, I have been SO tired, like overslept 3 days in a row.  And my meds aren’t working so I am just struggling through the pain.  Which is hard on my body and my mental game.  By the time Saturday rolls around I’m kinda on my knees and just want to spend a couple hours crying.  Its so hard to keep it together all week that I’m done and a wreak as the weekend begins.  Awesome times in our house.

But on a positive note I’m going to the doc on Tuesday and am hopefully that she will get me all “figured out, patched up, and well, fix me” and I will be a new person soon.  But you don’t have to hold your breath.

So I’m learning how to bob and weave.


There have been ups and downs these past weeks.  So I’m learning to dodge the punches.


  1.  I made a killer Thanksgiving dinner all by myself (two days after Thanksgiving) so my family had delicious left overs.
  2. We moved into a canyon that is pretty inconvenient for babysitters but I asked a good friend and he said yes, even though I know its not his idea of a good time.  I’m lucky to have good friends like him.
  3. I had drinks and met new neighbors with my husband, without any children (dreamy!).
  4. My student’s reading scores are coming up, which means I’m doing my job!
  5. I went running the other day and got to wear my gators and use my nano spikes, which just makes me happy.  Winter is coming.

Life is hard.  No doubt.  Re-frame and un-shame your feelings.  Its okay to not be okay, its okay to be okay, its okay to being on the way to being okay.  Its all good.

You do you.


Victory Lap Wednesday

Holy shit folks!  I didn’t know if I was going to be able to write this post.  I have literally spent the past 48 hours convinced that I fractured my foot.  (My head is a disasterous place) 

And after seeing a doc and looking at x rays I now know that I don’t have a fracture.   Just a bone bruse.  

At this point in my life I plan for the worst and hope for the best.  I know that hope isn’t a tactic but it’s what I have on my side.  

This weeks wins:

1. I went running and felt winded and slow in the shadows of a good friend but was able to reframe and un shame it.  Taking deep breaths, seeing across the valley, cool temps, and laughing with friends.  That is what is important now, not who is the best runner.  Which I think only really bothers me because I have lost allot of my running A game….but I’m an ultra runner and I love to walk some hills!  

2. I went to a friendly clothing exchange and came away with some great clothes. 

3. I don’t have a fracture!  I can still go running this week!  Wait this should be number 1!

4. Thanksgiving is getting closer.

So.  Many. Wins.

What are yours?

Victory Lap Wednesday

OMG.  And I never say that.

I am pretty much crushing it.  I am done with ALL my Christmas shopping.  I do calendars for the family and Shutterfly had a huge sale.  Let me rejoice in my savings:

  • 50% off everything
  • Free shipping
  • 3 free gifts

What?!  Its the beginning of November.  Killing it!

Wait there is more…

This weekend I was in horrible pain.  I advocated for myself and told Eddie there was just no way I could work outside on the bushes AND I only felt bad for a minute.

I also made a wreath for our cabin made out of pine branches from our house.  Buying local, crafting local, its a thing.  Decorated by Everett.

Take the time to remind yourself that life is good.  Just turn the sails so it stays that way.  

What can you celebrate?


Monthly Goals: November

Where did October go?

Time moves so fast, which I don’t think I totally appreciated until I had kids and had a visual reminder of its speed.  One of my favorite lines from the movie Steel Magnolias is when Dolly Pardon (a hairstylist) says to one of her clients that “time marches on and soon enough you realize it’s marching right across your face.”

Sad but true.  Where did those lines come from?

October’s goals in review:

  • I will buy a pumpkin and decorate for Halloween (Win)
  • I will buy a professional grade windshield scrapper (missed the mark – though I think about it every morning)
  • Brainstorm ideas for an Open House Halloween Party Combo (Win)
  • Stop for a second and take a picture (Win)
  • Wear more jewelry (ohh this one is so hard!)
  • Drink (water, coffee, cocktails, do it all!) #winning (Win)

This past month was hard but looking back I did accomplish many of my goals. That makes me feel good.

Even when times are tough I can still get things done.

make it happen

November goals:

get it togeher

  • Keep moving – Run at least 2 times a week
  • Weight train
  • Stay positive – give AT LEAST 2 compliments a day
  • Don’t eat too many treats each day (wink wink)

People! I used to think writing goals down was a silly business. Its not. It has been really helpful to me.

Try it out.  Just for one month and see what you think.

Victory Lap Wednesday

I am so tired.

halloween 2

This week has been fun but brutally busy and its only Wednesday.  Thank goodness its hump day.

Yesterday I kicked myself out the door and went for a run.  It was beautiful and I felt great.  I took a beautiful picture and then promptly had a spectacular fall and scrapped up my elbow and knee and limped around for trick or treating.  Not one of my wins.  Though I did get up, dust myself off, and run/walk back to the car.

Down to business, lets get real.

Wednesday Victories:

I got out of bed this morning.  Win.

I put all my clothes on the right way and made it to work on time.  Win.

I know there is someone who didn’t do that.  I’m a winner.  You are too.

What are your victories?