Victory Lap Wednesday

Oh I need you this week!  The more support the better.

The past few weeks have been hard.  I know its been a few because I missed last week’s post due to Thanksgiving and the fact that at our new place the internet reception is pretty sketch.

Anyway, I have been SO tired, like overslept 3 days in a row.  And my meds aren’t working so I am just struggling through the pain.  Which is hard on my body and my mental game.  By the time Saturday rolls around I’m kinda on my knees and just want to spend a couple hours crying.  Its so hard to keep it together all week that I’m done and a wreak as the weekend begins.  Awesome times in our house.

But on a positive note I’m going to the doc on Tuesday and am hopefully that she will get me all “figured out, patched up, and well, fix me” and I will be a new person soon.  But you don’t have to hold your breath.

So I’m learning how to bob and weave.


There have been ups and downs these past weeks.  So I’m learning to dodge the punches.


  1.  I made a killer Thanksgiving dinner all by myself (two days after Thanksgiving) so my family had delicious left overs.
  2. We moved into a canyon that is pretty inconvenient for babysitters but I asked a good friend and he said yes, even though I know its not his idea of a good time.  I’m lucky to have good friends like him.
  3. I had drinks and met new neighbors with my husband, without any children (dreamy!).
  4. My student’s reading scores are coming up, which means I’m doing my job!
  5. I went running the other day and got to wear my gators and use my nano spikes, which just makes me happy.  Winter is coming.

Life is hard.  No doubt.  Re-frame and un-shame your feelings.  Its okay to not be okay, its okay to be okay, its okay to being on the way to being okay.  Its all good.

You do you.


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