Victory Lap Wednesday

Lets be more silly.  

Humor and laughter cure a remarkable amount of issues.  Go ahead. Laugh.  Be silly.  

Surround yourself with people who like your jokes and want to be around you.  

I mean be whatever else you need to as well.  But be silly too.  


1. I ran with the ladies this weekend.  It was beautiful and packed full of adventure.  

2. Kept a monthly goal of playing with my kids more.  

3. Have been doing excersise I found on Pinterest that are much harder then what I had been doing AND have stuck with it.

4. I have thought about making better lunches to take to work.  I know, its a step.

Laugh more this week.  

As my mother says, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t think it’s a train.  


Monthly Goals: December

Last night at 9 o’clock I remembered it was time to make goals.  Sometimes I think the time is passing so slow but then its gone and I’m left wishing I had gotten more done.  I need to be more productive I guess.  Oh look a goal!

November goals in review:

  • Keep moving – Run at least 2 times a week (YES!)
  • Weight train (YES!)
  • Stay positive – give AT LEAST 2 compliments a day (for the most part!)
  • Don’t eat too many treats each day (wink wink) (for the most part!)

Such a good month!  I did everything (for the most part) that I wanted to.  Winning!

be jolly

December Goals:

  1. Keep up November goals
  2. Sit down and play with the kids each night.  Dinner can wait a few minutes.
  3. Dear body image issues, get out of my head!
  4. Let things that you can’t change go.
  5. Be jolly!

will this matter

The quote above it really useful in negotiating life with a partner.  For both you and them.  Some things don’t matter and you should let it go.  Others do matter and you need to hold their feet to the fire.

Unfortunately its hard to know the difference sometimes.

Looking back over my December goals I realize that I have lots to do.  But I can do it.  I will say that each morning.  Visualize to accomplish your goals.  Its possible and I can do it.

What can you do this month?



Victory Lap Wednesday

Oh I need you this week!  The more support the better.

The past few weeks have been hard.  I know its been a few because I missed last week’s post due to Thanksgiving and the fact that at our new place the internet reception is pretty sketch.

Anyway, I have been SO tired, like overslept 3 days in a row.  And my meds aren’t working so I am just struggling through the pain.  Which is hard on my body and my mental game.  By the time Saturday rolls around I’m kinda on my knees and just want to spend a couple hours crying.  Its so hard to keep it together all week that I’m done and a wreak as the weekend begins.  Awesome times in our house.

But on a positive note I’m going to the doc on Tuesday and am hopefully that she will get me all “figured out, patched up, and well, fix me” and I will be a new person soon.  But you don’t have to hold your breath.

So I’m learning how to bob and weave.


There have been ups and downs these past weeks.  So I’m learning to dodge the punches.


  1.  I made a killer Thanksgiving dinner all by myself (two days after Thanksgiving) so my family had delicious left overs.
  2. We moved into a canyon that is pretty inconvenient for babysitters but I asked a good friend and he said yes, even though I know its not his idea of a good time.  I’m lucky to have good friends like him.
  3. I had drinks and met new neighbors with my husband, without any children (dreamy!).
  4. My student’s reading scores are coming up, which means I’m doing my job!
  5. I went running the other day and got to wear my gators and use my nano spikes, which just makes me happy.  Winter is coming.

Life is hard.  No doubt.  Re-frame and un-shame your feelings.  Its okay to not be okay, its okay to be okay, its okay to being on the way to being okay.  Its all good.

You do you.

Monthly Goals: November

Where did October go?

Time moves so fast, which I don’t think I totally appreciated until I had kids and had a visual reminder of its speed.  One of my favorite lines from the movie Steel Magnolias is when Dolly Pardon (a hairstylist) says to one of her clients that “time marches on and soon enough you realize it’s marching right across your face.”

Sad but true.  Where did those lines come from?

October’s goals in review:

  • I will buy a pumpkin and decorate for Halloween (Win)
  • I will buy a professional grade windshield scrapper (missed the mark – though I think about it every morning)
  • Brainstorm ideas for an Open House Halloween Party Combo (Win)
  • Stop for a second and take a picture (Win)
  • Wear more jewelry (ohh this one is so hard!)
  • Drink (water, coffee, cocktails, do it all!) #winning (Win)

This past month was hard but looking back I did accomplish many of my goals. That makes me feel good.

Even when times are tough I can still get things done.

make it happen

November goals:

get it togeher

  • Keep moving – Run at least 2 times a week
  • Weight train
  • Stay positive – give AT LEAST 2 compliments a day
  • Don’t eat too many treats each day (wink wink)

People! I used to think writing goals down was a silly business. Its not. It has been really helpful to me.

Try it out.  Just for one month and see what you think.

Victory Lap Wednesday

I am so tired.

halloween 2

This week has been fun but brutally busy and its only Wednesday.  Thank goodness its hump day.

Yesterday I kicked myself out the door and went for a run.  It was beautiful and I felt great.  I took a beautiful picture and then promptly had a spectacular fall and scrapped up my elbow and knee and limped around for trick or treating.  Not one of my wins.  Though I did get up, dust myself off, and run/walk back to the car.

Down to business, lets get real.

Wednesday Victories:

I got out of bed this morning.  Win.

I put all my clothes on the right way and made it to work on time.  Win.

I know there is someone who didn’t do that.  I’m a winner.  You are too.

What are your victories?

Victory Lap Wednesday

This is victory lap Wednesday.  Re-frame and un-shame.

Over the weekend I had some big victories that need to be counted.  First, I ran 8 miles.  And while that isn’t a lot or what I have thought was a lot for a couple of years.  It is now a lot to me and the first 8 I have managed pain free in a long time.  It was great to be out in the mountains, running, talking, and laughing.

I also fought threw the whining and took my kids hiking and they had a great time.  Sometimes its worth the fight.

20171021_1610361044391919.jpgA good friend made this trip extra special as he brought donuts on the trip.  And let’s face it, we all love donuts.

I know my life seems perfect.  Ha! Remember while I have had some wins this week, I have also had moments of screaming children, children up at 3 in the morning, failed dinners, etc.  Life has ups and downs.  Celebrate the ups.


  1. I walked around REI all by myself!  Wait there’s more.  I bought cross country ski pants, gloves, and a hat for myself.  Wait there is still more.  I felt great about it!
  2. I made a delicious soup.  Who does that during the week?
  3. I scheduled time for me to go for a run and then off to a running nutrition class. Me time.

If you don’t advocate for yourself no one will. This is on you.

Re-frame and un-shame.

What is your win?

Victory lap Wednesday

Let’s do it.  Lets celebrate the good stuff.  The small stuff.  The stuff we shove under the rug because its too mundane.

Its not.

Someone else in this world couldn’t manage it this week and you did, YOU did!  Your awesome.

And let’s make this a thing we do on Wednesdays.  Hump day.  Celebrate something you did, gracefully or not.  A little positivity goes a long way and we maybe on Wednesday but there are still two solid days to go, make them easier.

For example:

1. I stopped on the way home and took the kids up to a scenic overlook to enjoy the view and play on rocks.

2. I got take and bake pizza for dinner and that earned me a little extra time to sit and color with my kids.

Re-frame and un-shame!  Its okay to get pizza for dinner.  You’re not a bad parent. You’re surviving this crazy life and know your limits.

What are your wins?

Wednesday victory lap.  Come on, think of one thing.

Getting my ducks in a row.

Hello and happy Monday World.

I had a pretty special weekend, hanging out with the ladies at the beautiful Snowbird resort.  I am not a billionaire just a mom who squeaked out a little moment of time for myself, that was months in the making.  Good grief, life is busy.

I finally got a chance to talk to them and process my diagnosis of RA.  It was good to talk to them but when I woke up I felt sad, lame, and defeated.  But looking back, that is exactly what I needed to do.  I have said my piece and now it is time to clean house and MOVE ON.

Later that weekend, I reached out to some running groups on FB (wranglers I’m talking about you!) and found hope and inspiration in others.  I had been feeling like RA was a horrible death sentence but as it turns out it doesn’t have to be.  This is just the beginning of my life with this illness and I’m figuring things out and that is probably going to be one of the hardest times.  I need to take my time and be patient with myself.  Figure out which meds work for me and put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.  That is the one thing everyone said.  Keep moving.  I can do that.  It may hurt but I can do that.  That is going to be my life from time to time and I can do that.

Things are hard.  But I can do this.

No one else can do this for me.  I can do this.

Each day I do not get out of bed and think, hmmm, today I will be mediocre.  No.

Today I will be the best version of myself.

light in tunnel

Big things are possible and I can make them happen. Buck up butter cup.


I need to be more positive.

I am a realist, who has glass half-empty tendencies.

But with life right now, I need to be more positive.  To celebrate the wins.  Just the everyday small wins that we over look all the time and chalk them up to life.  But no, lets celebrate the wins.

My husband, Eddie is always on me about not wearing my shoes in the house.  It makes the floors dirty, I wouldn’t know as quickly because I well, I wear shoes so I don’t notice.  But he will bring me my house shoes now and say thank you when I remember all by myself.  An everyday win for him.  And my husband is finding my shoes and bringing them to me.  So sweet.  We are both winning.

Today’s little wins:

  1. I got up with my alarm
  2. I made coffee to go
  3. I scrapped my windshield before I had to leave, so I wasn’t late
  4. My son Everett, got up and dressed early today with no reminders
  5. I ate a delicious breakfast burrito and felt full and ready for the day

These all happened before 8.  Life is good, I mean its been downhill since then.  Ha ha ha! Just joking.


Life is hard, and busy, and fast, and crazy.  Slow down.  Celebrate the little things.


Monthly Goals: October

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Hands down.

I love everything about it.  Cool temps, hot drinks, fires, changing leaves, dramatic skies, first snow falls, and pumpkins, lots and lots of pumpkins!  It has been amazing to experience Fall for the first time in our new home with big mugs of hot chocolate earned after stacking wood outside for a long time, or so it seemed.

I’ll be honest.  When I sat down to do this I couldn’t even remember what my goals in September had been.  And that’s okay.  We all have months like that.  These are little goals that we use to make ourselves better, not perfect in 30 days.  So, if you miss the mark thats okay.  Try again next month.  Its ONLY 31 days!

September in review:

  1. Rest your body for the long runs (they are the best anyway) YES
  2. Drink more water NO
  3. Follow recipes, not a dash of this and that (it doesn’t taste good) NO
  4. Wear earrings (yes this is a goal – dress it up!) NO, because we moved and I forgot my jewelry.
  5. Continue all my August goals WHAT WERE MY AUGUST GOALS? NO

This month, I will make goals, that will make be productive and be a winner!

  1. I will buy a pumpkin and decorate for Halloween
  2. I will buy a professional grade windshield scrapper
  3. Brainstorm ideas for an Open House Halloween Party Combo
  4. Stop for a second and take a picture
  5. Wear more jewelry
  6. Drink (water, coffee, cocktails, do it all!) #winning

Last month was hard for me, but that was last month.  Here we are on October 2nd with the future straight ahead, it could be pretty special.

You do you and I’ll do me.